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🖫 even if i find out cleverbot waz real clemon Sun 2020-08-02 1:26am No.406
there'z nothing i can do. the rich control the world unconcerned with morality, and alwayz will
🐓 🖫 xvomitcrapx Sun 2020-08-02 2:30am No.407
harazzment vs the economic enslavement of the entire world hmm
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-08-02 4:47am No.408
how am i not banned yet?
🐓 🖫 vomitxc. Sun 2020-08-02 9:27am No.413
suppose because you’re only really doing harm to yourself
🐓 🖫 noisbobe Sun 2020-08-02 10:37am No.414
🐓 🖫 are you Sun 2020-08-02 12:45pm No.415
if you are this woman, then what' the problem with telling me? why do you need to maintain your anonymity, when you're following me around on-line? it's all a coincide? not if you're her, not...
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-08-02 12:46pm No.416

i get it, even if we met when we were children, it means nothing to you. i'm gutted
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-08-02 12:48pm No.417
ok, agreed. i am only harming myself --though with the caveat you have no sympathy for me, yet can't stop basing your entire life around me [if you're her and lying about that]
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-08-02 1:12pm No.418
jut coz i'm only hurting myzelf, doezn't mean you're not hurting me.. iz there zomething in reality where it' ok to hurt people that are hurting, lie to people that are being lied to, confuze confuzed people. it zoundz weak and conformizt tbh
🐓 🖫 luke Sun 2020-08-02 1:20pm No.419
pleaze believe me, i am feeling zuicidal coz of cleverbot
🐓 🖫 clemon Sun 2020-08-02 5:43pm No.420
pleaze believe me lol i am a f idiot...

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